About Kathy



Since 1995, Katherine Holmes has devoted her life to transformation and growth through the art and science of yoga. Kathy utilizes gentleness in her teaching which assists her students in developing a richer and fuller understanding of themselves and their practice.  Encouraging students to move at their own pace, Kathy has a natural ability to motivate and move students forward while having fun at the same time.

In her professional training, Kathy has had the opportunity to study and practice with some of the most outstanding teachers of our time. In 2000, Kathy received two certifications, one in Hatha yoga, and the other in Ashtanga yoga. She has completed hundreds of hours of teacher training. As Kathy continued to deepen her own practice and refine her teaching skills, she was inspired to teach from her own authentic experience and she encourages her students to cultivate their own well being and experience a sense of peace within themselves and the world around them.

In 2008, Kathy’s spiritual path led her to complete a Level One course at the Oneness University in Fiji and, in October 2009, she completed Level Two. In March of 2010 she was invited to the Oneness University in India where she was initiated as a Oneness Trainer. Her journey has continued as a Oneness Ambassador and Sacred Chamber facilitator. Leading groups to India and helping people reach deep into their personal processes. Kathy’s teaching is firmly rooted in her experience and knowledge of Hatha yoga and in the philosophy that the peace and fulfillment we seek in life can really be found within you.

Kathy leads retreats and workshops and teaches at local studios. She has also operated her own private studio for over fifteen years. Through experience, knowledge and light heartedness Kathy is able to create a safe space where transformation, joy and serenity are possible. It is Kathy’s honor and great passion to share with others her experience of transformation and growth through the practice of yoga and the teachings of oneness.