Sacred Chambers Process

Sacred Chambers New Location and revised process

Oneness Temple India

Oneness Temple India

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The Sacred Chambers Process is one of the newer Phenomenons offered by the Oneness University. It is an opportunity to have a profoundly physical experience of healing and deepen your connection with your Divine or Higher Sacred Self.

I’m so grateful to have participated in the Sacred Chambers initiation in India February 2014. The process of coming back to PA and building Chambers 2 & 3 off my yoga studio was an incredibly Grace-filled experience. Now (2016) the Phenomenon has relocated the Chambers with a powerfully revised process.

We are finding that in the Chambers, prayers are often answered in wondrous ways. You do not need to be a blessing giver, everyone is welcome!

The first room or ‘chamber’ is for introduction and contemplation. The process begins here with the group as you look deeply into your own inner qualities that either connect you, or keep you separate from your Divine nature.

Then, one by one, you will take your prayers and intentions into the second Chamber. Before entering you will have your hands and feet cleansed (feet are optional if you want you can wear socks) You will be wrapped in a sacred cloth and enter into this smaller room alone. Here you can express your deepest desires, either out loud or quietly for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. You can pray for spiritual growth and ask for worldly desires to be granted. You can ask for awakening, transformation, God realization, your deepest hearts desire, whatever you most want. This is also where you can pray for others and connect with your ancestors. After 7-11 minutes you will return to the first Chamber for deep relaxation and integration.

Please allow time for the whole process as you will stay till it is complete for the group. Timing will vary depending on group size.

Ideally, plan to continue to be in a state of quiet contemplation for the rest of the day and evening, for best results.

Bring a notebook and pen.
Please dress in layers.
Wear easy on off shoes.
Bring your own water bottle.
Bring a light snack, if needed for the longer sessions.
Allergen alert: Please do not wear scents, oils, or perfumes.

YOU MUST ARRIVE 10 Min before start time and settle into your place.

This is a VERY sacred process so please be on time, clean, and leave cell phones in the car or turned totally off. Late comers CANNOT be admitted as it disrupts the group.

Invocation rituals are happening prior to each session, so please wait for door to open.

This service is free of charge. There are several Sacred Chambers around the United States.

Please make an appointment for only one date for yourself (and anyone else who is coming with you) to experience the Sacred Chambers. After that date, you may make another appointment.                                                                                                 Remember – when you sign up you are making a date with your Divine !! Please make it a priority to attend however, if you need to cancel your space – please remove yourself from the sign up list as soon as possible so someone else can attend.

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