“In Kathy’s classes I find a great balance between the physical practice of yoga, lighthearted fun, and spiritual insight. Kathy shares her knowledge and experience gained from the study of diverse fields. She is able to help her students relate yoga teachings and thought to their practices and lives. I always come away from her classes with a new piece of insight while remembering the important basics of practice.” —Brook D.

“My life was forever changed 4 years ago when I decided to begin the practice of yoga at the studio of Kathy Holmes. Because of her unique style of teaching I willingly and rapidly became a devotee. I learned to tone my body, to correct my posture, to meditate, to be confident and love myself and just ‘yoga’ my way out of mental and physical pain whenever I am stressed. It is the voice of Kathy Holmes I hear in my head that guides me whenever and wherever I practice. Kathy expertly guides her students while weaving her heart and spirit into each practice. We learn how to use our breath, to restore and balance our bodies and minds, to meditate and to accept the blessings she gifts to us at the end of each practice. I am grateful Kathy Holmes was placed in my path and I am especially grateful for the the peace and wisdom I experience daily because I accepted all she has to offer through her teachings. I am truly blessed. Thank you Kathy. Namaste.” —Angela

“Kathy is amazing! She has a way of always taking me to the next level, both physically and spiritually.” —K. Bush

“I have been practicing yoga for many years and have studied with many different teachers during that time. That being said, Kathy is an exceptionally gifted teacher that I would highly recommend. She has a gentle and nurturing way about her which translates to the studio and the practice. For me, yoga represents more than being able to perfect a pose…it is a whole body experience that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. And I really feel this when I take a class with Kathy. She guides you through the poses but makes you aware of what they mean on a deeper level. Her instruction has strengthened my practice and brought an aspect of spiritual understanding I did not have before.” —Kelly Money, New Hope, PA, Practicing yoga since 1995.


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Beth

    I have only been with Kathy for a few months but can’t imagine not having her in my life. I can’t put into words what she has helped me with both spiritually physically and mentally ! Thanks Kathy !!!! I can’t wait for Kripalu!!

    Beth W


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